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people sitting on chair in front of table
people sitting on chair in front of table

The Genos 360° Emotionally Intelligent Workplace Behavior Feedback Assessment provides an in-depth analysis of individuals' workplace emotional intelligence and its significance to their colleagues and peers. The report gathers information from multiple rater groups, which may consist of managers, colleagues, superiors, and subordinates, among others. This diverse range of perspectives ensures a comprehensive and holistic assessment and also includes valuable subjective comments from selected raters who have a close working relationship with the person being assessed.

The results are reviewed with the team or personally should the decision be made for that individual to undergo a 6- to 12-month in-depth coaching program. For those interested in taking actionable steps based on their report results, a helpful insights guide is provided. This guide serves as a practical resource, offering guidance and recommendations for personal growth and development in the realm of emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence is widely acknowledged as a highly valuable competence that enhances communication, management, problem-solving, and relationships in the workplace. Furthermore, researchers affirm that it is a skill that can be honed and refined through training and deliberate practice.

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