Why Choose Self Development Specialists?

Susan consults with a team of professionals specializing in the fields of human resources and mental health. Holding a master's degree in Psychology and two coaching certifications, she first began her career as a consultant and coach serving as President of an Employee Assistance Program (EAP), offering short-term counseling to employees across the nation. In addition, Susan developed a 6- to 12-month emotional intelligence program to address behaviors of valued employees that required a longer-term approach.

Providing consultations to companies and coaching clients for well over a decade, Susan is accustomed to working with individuals from a wide variety of occupations – from janitorial staff to C.E.O.s as well as many physicians. She has found it extremely rewarding to help a talented individual thrive who may otherwise fail professionally and personally due to a lack of empathy, teamwork, or communication skills. Even more gratifying is when a client makes the connection that improving behaviors and communication on the job also results in better relationships at home.

Susan Bond Rowe, MS

Quality, not quantity

Having over a decade of experience, our specialization lies in providing consultations to supervisors, owners, H.R. professionals, and individuals enabling them to identify and address problems within organizations. Through a comprehensive assessment, we understand goals and foster an open environment for sharing concerns. Once challenges are identified, we collaborate to develop tailored action plans.

Our coaching program, spanning 6- to 12-month, incorporates expertise in emotional intelligence and coaching to drive development with lasting results. We provide ongoing support, personalized assessments, skill-building exercises, and targeted feedback to facilitate growth. By enhancing emotional intelligence and critical skills, we empower individuals to overcome obstacles and achieve success.

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