Applied Leadership Assessments & Coaching

Unlocking Leadership Potential through Interpersonal Excellence

Possessing high emotional intelligence entails the ability to discern and interpret personal emotions, recognize their significance, and understand their potential impact on others.

For leaders, emotional intelligence is an indispensable trait. It empowers them to manage teams while promoting teamwork and averting conflicts. Leaders with emotional intelligence excel in maximizing the potential of their employees and adapting their leadership style to accommodate individuals with diverse personalities.

With the Genos 360° Emotionally Intelligent Leadership Feedback Assessment, tailored for middle to senior managers and those in positions of authority, we capture comprehensive feedback from multiple stakeholders within your organization, including Partners, Directors, Clients, Peers, and Associates. Our customized categories align with your managerial group's language, enabling prompt identification of strengths and areas for improvement, and fostering targeted growth and development.

Through a 6- to 12-month coaching program on emotional intelligence, individuals can cultivate greater self-awareness, improve their communication and interpersonal skills, enhance leadership capabilities, and foster more harmonious and productive relationships in both professional and personal spheres. The extended duration of the program ensures sufficient time for thorough understanding, practice, and integration of emotional intelligence principles into everyday life, resulting in sustainable and transformative personal growth.

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